Champions Tribute Award Winners

Eddie Smith

Lloyd Auten Achiever of the Year Award

“You’ve got to want to work. You’ve got to do your part. Goodwill’s going to do their part — that’s what they’re there for. You’ve just got to do your part, that’s all.”

- Eddie Smith


Samuel Salthouse

Ralph Walker Graduate of the Year Award

“I didn’t have the financial capability to get a two-year degree. Now I’m making decent money with a stable job and a good future ahead of me. Without Goodwill, it wouldn’t have been possible.”

- Samuel Salthouse


Frank Bulow

William Wylie Job Connection Success Award

"I’ve been in situations where I didn’t know what I was going to eat or where I was going to sleep. But when you have people that believe in you and help you along, that makes a big difference."

- Frank Bulow


Tracy Littlejohn

James E. Jones Healthcare Excellence Award

“It’s the best thing to happen to me because otherwise I wouldn’t be working. I didn’t think I could work. That’s what Goodwill did for me. It changed my life.”

- Tracy Littlejohn


Hire Dynamics

Bill Hummers Employer of the Year Award

"What we do does in fact matter. It’s all about finding that second chance for many people."

- Jonathan Wheeler, Talent Coordinator


SC Department of Corrections

Goodwill Champion Award

"Employment is critical. And the more people we can put to work, the better — and stronger — the state of South Carolina will be."

- Sandy Barrett, Deputy Director for Programs & Services