2017/2018 Financial Information


Sales of Goods Donated by the Community 45,697,000
Financial Contributions (donations or grants from individuals, corporations, foundations and government entities) 6,381,000
Contract Work for Local Businesses 2,493,000
Other Income or Losses* 278,000
TOTAL REVENUE 54,849,000


Retail Program 36,260,000
Job Training 8,337,000
Contract Services 2,508,000

Management & General 2,776,000
Fundraising 490,000

Future Mission Investment 4,478,000

*includes gain on retired fixed assets, loss on realized and unrealized gain in investments, and change in fair value of interest rate swap

We are effective.

In the 2017/2018 fiscal year, we helped 25,913 people in their employment search and placed 12,152 people into employment.

We are efficient.

We devote over 93 cents of every dollar we spend to our mission.

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November 1, 2018

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May 30, 2019

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Michael and Kosha Adams
Ashley Alexander
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Klaus P. Althammer
Prof. Serji Amirkhanian Ph.D.
Melissa Azallion
Kenneth C. Baerwalde
Mark Bakker
Joseph A. Balis Jr.
Billy R. Ballard
Robbie Barnett
Azriel Barrow
Anthony Barthelemy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bearden
Linda Beazley
Tony Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beplay
Ken Betsch
James Beyer
George Biediger
Mr. and Mrs. William Biediger
A. Ray Biggs
Greg Blake
Rob Blanton III
Laura Bogardus Ph.D
Drew Boland
Eugene Bondurant
R Steven Bonner
Benjamin Boone
Steven J. Borowski
Dale Bottrell
Ronnie Boyce
Charles I. Boyd
Richard Boyer
David R. Brett
Zachary and Alecia Brewster
Claudette D. Brooks
William K. Brooks
Ronnie and Ann Brown
David Brown and Nina Glasgow
Josh Brown
Tameka Brown
Robert Browning
Jake Burke
Michael Butler
Jamie Byrne
Honorable Ponda A. Caldwell
Hudie L. Camp
Tyler and Robyn Campbell
Katrina L. Canty
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Carson
Mr. and Mrs. James Cevasco
Nayan Chakravarty
Gracie D. Chapman
Jessica C. Chiles
Jon M. Chilton
Tanya Christensen
Vernon Christianson
Mr. and Mrs. David Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Clarke
Ronald Clary
Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt Claus
A Ross Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Cory Comelio
Mr. and Mrs. John Conlon
Monica Conn
Ruth Ann Conway
Brian Cooper
Greg Cordell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cothran
Linda A. Croft

Natasha C. Cummings
Thomas Daly
Robert Dancy
Katherine Davis
Tan Davis
Richard Dawkins
Dr. and J. Tommy Dean
Richard Demarest
Charles W. Derrick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Deyling
Dr. Cindy S. Dieringer
William and Patricia Dillard
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dillon
Bobbi Diussa
Pastor Sean Dogan
Betty Durante
Jimmy Durante
Atty. Jonathan C. Eggert
Rainer P. Ellis
Kimberly English
Stephanie Estrada
Constance Evans
Terra C. Fowler
Thomas Freeland
Cayce Sue French
Robert J. Friedman
Leanne Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Gailey
Mr. and Mrs. Berry Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Garrett
Leah Garrett
Reginald M. Gay
Matthew and Melanie Gearhart
Kimberly A. Gertner
Richard Gettys
Ann M. Giese
Sheila M. Gilliard-Sewell
Jeff Gilstrap
Mr. and Mrs. Niles Glasgow
Jenny Gonzalez
Joseph G. Grace III, Ph.D
Chandra Grant
Patricia Green
Tammie Y. Greene
Janet R. Hadaway
Michelle L. Hager
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hager Jr.
Sara F. Hall
Jaz Hamilton
Crystal Hardesty
Elise Hardin
Axel Harres
Don Harris
Sonya Harris
Griffin Hartline
Stacie E. Hartranft
Amanda B. Hedden
Myrna Hellerman
Rolf W. Hemmerling
Jeffrey Hoffer
Sierra Holland
Ray Holliday
Valerie Hollinger
Paul Holmberg
David Holmes
Dr. and J. Bill Holt
Shirley Hoop
Pat H. Hope
Joan Houston
Pastor Hasker Hudgens Jr.
Gwendolyn D. Hull
Lucy Hummers

Atty. Rusty Infinger
Terry Inglis
Jason Jackson
LaCrystal Jackson
Randy Jackson, Sr.
Jasmond M. Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson
Jack Jones
Susan Jones
Gage Kelly
Ale Kennedy Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kirkman
Lisa Knox
Robert Kosinski
Charles F. Kramer
G. C. Kuebeler
Catherine T. Lacy
W. Ronald Lane
Michael D. Larsen
George Bomar and Dr. Barbara Lassiter
Thomas L. Lathan
Peter Lee
David T. Leopard
J'Sharee L. Linton
Louis Lynn
Macisaac Family Trust
Danielle A. Mahaffey
Brad and Josselyn Majors
Mr. and Mrs. Mogie Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mangione
Jerod Mann
Delfo Marini
Heather Marrs
Yvonne Mathews
Patricia P. Matsen, Ph.D
Cynthia Matthews-Betts
Liz McClenaghan
Atty. Ellison F. McCoy
William McKibbon
Adela Mendoza
Raul Meza
Patrick and Linda Michaels
Lynda Miller
Johnny K Mmanu-ike
Jennifer Moorefield
Jackline Morast
Glenda Morrison-Fair
Tanya Morgan
Dr. Chuck Morton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Mann
Johnnie Munford
Anthony Nash
Nick and Michelle Neeley
Vivian G. Nelson
Network for Good
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Newsom
Doug and Barbara Newsome
Susan A. Norton
Megan O'Leary
Leesa Owens
Calvin G. Partridge II
Coley Peake
Margo Pelagalli
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Penkert
Phillips Foundation
David Phillips
Lilly Phillips
Vernell Pinson
William N. Poe
Angie M. Preacher
Caterena A. Pressley

James and Rachel Putman
Shannon Reilly
Dr. Ronald Rhames
Debra Richard
Claire Richards
Frances Ridgill
Duane Ritter
Alarice W. Robinson
Eileen Robinson
Michael W. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Robinson
Johanna Robles
Dr. and Mrs. William Royster
Deborah Rupp
Dr. Adam D. Rutter
Joseph M. Ryan Jr.
Robert Sams
Mae Frances Sarratt
Alexis Scott
Jackson Scruggs
John and Kelly Sech
Warren R Sedlacek
Marianne Shaddrix
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Shafer
Mary Alice Shand
Chris Sharpe
Jennifer A. Shofield
Dr. Steven R. Shrum
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sifre
Bruce Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Sinclair
Joe Lee Sitton
Jocelyn Taylor Slaughter
LaCheryl C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. George Spidel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spiers
Rev. J. Senay Spurgeon
Shirley Stanley
Elizabeth Schroeder Steifle
Scott Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Sumerel
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Taylor
Roy Taylor
Lois S. Terry
The Estate of Ingrid and Lloyd Auten
Courtney Thomas
Charles M. Todd
Bobbie Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Twitchell
Daniel Vess
Nicole Viscome
Michelle G. Vlaich-Lee
Laurie Baker Walden
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walsh
Emily Watrous
James H. Watson
Raymond Wedlake
Harriett Wells-Kegler
Carlo White
Kristin Whitehead
Lorraine K. Whitfield
Geneva S. Wilkins
Chad Williford
Karen Luchka Wingo
Gisela Woiwode-Dales
Darren and Christie Wright
David Wyland
Min. Adrienne S. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zielinksi


ARCPoint Labs
Bon Secours St. Francis Health System
Corporation for National and Community Service
First Church Of God
Gap Foundation
Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
Google.org, through Goodwill Industries International
Greenville County Workforce Development Agency
Greenwood County Community Foundation
J.A. Piper Roofing Company
John I. Smith Charities, Inc.
Jolley Foundation
The Karen and Paul Schaefer Foundation
Mast General Store, Inc,
Melvin & Dollie Younts Foundation
Old Shady Oak Baptist Church

Reeves Construction
Riggs Partners
Ross Stores Foundation
SC CUPA-HR (South Carolina College and University Professional Association - Human Resources)
South Carolina Department of Social Services
South Carolina Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging
Spartanburg County
TD Bank
United Way of Greater Kansas City
United Way of Greenville County
US Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration
USAA, through Goodwill Industries International
Walmart Giving, through Goodwill Industries International
Watkins, Garrett & Woods Mortuary, INC.
Wurster Engineering & Construction, Inc.