Bridging the Future

Goodwill of Upstate/Midlands SC | 2016–2017 Annual Report


From Was to Will Be

The 2016/2017 fiscal year was a pivotal one for Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands South Carolina. As we successfully concluded the five-year strategic plan that shaped our work since 2012, we also deliberated on the future and what this organization can, and should, strive to accomplish in the coming years. 

We collected information from our stakeholders and studied changing trends so that we could continue to provide the services and experiences people want from Goodwill. We tested fresh ideas and different tactics, always seeking the most effective ways to meet the needs of our communities. We launched new programs offering exciting opportunities for job seekers in new areas and industries. And we made the sometimes difficult decision to stop doing certain things, acknowledging that change is necessary even when it’s hard.

Just as this year bridged two strategic plans — the “was” and the “will be” — Goodwill often functions as a bridge for the people we serve. Many walk in our doors feeling desperate or lost, just looking for a way to make it to the other side. Goodwill provides the tools they need to build their own path to self-sufficiency. This year, 11,786 people crossed that bridge, finding not only employment but also the hope, confidence, and security that employment can bring. That’s the kind of future we are working toward for each and every person we meet.

Thank you, Goodwill supporters, for your generous and consistent support. You provide the strong and steady foundation that makes it possible for people to build successful, enriching lives. You are an integral and invaluable piece of every achievement we celebrate and every story we share. 




Jacqui DiMaggio

Chair, Board of Directors


Patrick Michaels

President & CEO