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Individuals Placed Into Employment

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Finding Our Place

Improvement. Innovation. Impact. We begin each year by establishing goals that intentionally stretch us, ensuring we make a greater difference in all our communities. It’s how we touch the lives of the people we serve.

And it’s working. Last year, we proudly took our place as the top-ranked Goodwill organization in the United States for placements in relation to our service area population, as recognized by Goodwill Industries International. We also ranked in the top four in two additional mission services categories. More meaningful even than national recognition is that it underscores the heightened benchmarks we reached in changing lives. During the 2018/2019 fiscal year, we helped 13,037 people find jobs and created a potential economic impact of more than $172 million in our 16-county service area through the wages of people placed into employment. That feels even better than an award.

Every day, Goodwill seeks to help those we serve find a path to their personal best. Through your generous support, we equip them with the skills and self-confidence to not only find a job, but also to find satisfaction and success. Because this we know: a job is about so much more than just earning a wage and subsisting. The power of work is that it provides a place of belonging for each of us in our community. It’s a journey crafted in commitment, perseverance and fortitude, and it never grows old.  

It is truly an honor, together, to find our place.


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Robbie Robinson

Chair, Board of Directors


Patrick Michaels

President & CEO