Financial Supporters


Alice Abercrombie
Mary Aiken
Barbara Allen
Vered Almor
Dawn and J. Tom Anderson
Shirley Arnold
Gary Asciutto
Ali Okan Aslaner
John Atwater
Carol Augthun
Mary Baker
Lisa Barksdale
Sherry and Richard Barrett
Harold and Pat Batson
Linda Beazley
Lavon F. Bell
Trisha and William C. Biediger
Brig. Gen. Tedd Bishop
Phyllis Bogard
Debbie and Ronnie Boyce
Richard Boyer
Oliver Brewton
Ronnie L. Brown
Robert Browning
John Bryan
Kelly Byers
Paul Callahan
Billy R. Campbell
Robyn H. Campbell
Kelly Carson
Gage and Larry Caulder
Zoe Ann and Ed Cerny
Ellen and David Clark
Lisa and John Crawford
Tracey L. Crews-Hammond
Ann Crowe
Isabelle Culbertson
Edna Curtis
JT Dean
Marie DellaValle
David L. Derrick

Mariellen and Jim Deyling
Nicki and Bob Dillon
Bobbi Diussa
Zachary Dowdy
Jayne Edge
William Edwards
Rainer Ellis
Manuel Enruquez
Sylvia Evette
Dale Farrington
Caroline Fratturo
Annias Gaffney
Danielle Gibbs
David Brown and Nina Glascow
Rebecca S. Godbey
Patricia Green
Conetta Griffin
Donna and Robert Groomes
James Gunson
Priscilla and John Hagins
Crystal Y. Hardesty
T.J. Heffington
Rolf Hemmerling
Terri Hessberger
Elizabeth Holman
Dr. and Mrs. J. Williams Holt
Shirley Hoop
Pat Hope
Constance Hopkins
Lucy Hummers
Earle Hungerford
Elizabeth H. Ivey
Gerald Jackson
Glenn Jacobs
Grace Jennings
Kathryn Johnson
Samuel Jones
Margaret and Gerald Jung
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kalisch
Carole and William Koch
Iris and G. C. Kuebeler
Ginger and Paul Kumler

Dr. Barbara Lassiter and Mr. George Bomar
Donn S. Lupo
Don Lusk
Josselyn and Brad Majors
Janice and Mogie Malone
Kara L. Mann
Delfo Marini
Amerigo Massimo
Robin McCants
Jane McLamarrah
Crystal N. McMillan
Eric Meindl
Linda and Patrick Michaels
Lynda Miller
Brenda and Dorin Muntean
Herbert Myers
Jean Nelson
Doug Newsome
Bonnie and Bob Novak
Kathlyne Nussbaumer
Maryellen O'Neill
R. Bruce Owen
David Owens
Marie Park
Coley Peake
Jeffery Perkins
Lilly Phillips
Ruth and Eddie Phillips
Susan Pines
John Pinson
Britty Pointer
Caterena A. Pressley
Rachel W. Putman
Patricia Reavis
Nancy Rechtman
Debra Richard
Roland Richter
Sandra E. Riggins
Bryan Robbins
Eileen Robinson
William B. Royster
Howard Russell

Joseph Ryan, Jr.
Lori Saha
Andreas Satterfield, Jackson Lewis, P.C.
Carol Schmieder
Marianne Shaddrix
Hugh Shafer
Chris Sharpe
Donna M. Shaw
Brenda L. Shull
Frances and Harold Sifre
John Smith
George Spidel
Shirley Stanley
Janet Stempleewski
Christopher Stevanus
Evelyn Stokes
C. B. Strange
Jeanne Taker
Charles Taylor
Peter Taylor
Lois Terry
Charles M. Todd
Julie F. Urso
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Valpey
Linda and Edward Walsh
Rebecca and Robert Weaver
Doreen and William Wermuth
Geneva Wilkins
Jeffery Williams
Linda Williams
Judith Wilson
Gisela Woiwode-Dales
Emily E. Wood
Darren L. Wright
Stephen Wright
David Wyland
Donald Wynn
Ron Young
Stephen Zielinski


Appalachian Regional Commission
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
B&R Machining and Fabrication, Inc.
City of Greenville
Corporation for National and Community Service
Fuller Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Garrett and Garrett
The Graham Foundation
Greenville County Workforce Development
Hood Construction
J.A. Piper Roofing Company
JHM Hotels Management, Inc.
Langston Black Real Estate
Lexington County CDBG
McKissick Family Foundation

Melvin & Dollie Younts Foundation
Mills Family Living Trust
The Palladian Group Inc.
Perrigo® Company Charitable Foundation
Publix Super Markets
South Carolina Department of Social Services
South Carolina Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging
TD Charitable Foundation
United Way of Greenville County
United Way of Kershaw County
United Way of Pickens County
United Way of the Midlands
Upstate Warrior Solution
US Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
US Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration