Better Every Year

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Individuals Placed Into Employment

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Each year, we get a little better.

It’s the result of comparing ourselves to the previous year and ensuring that we are keeping people safer, working more efficiently, providing better service, and demonstrating our corporate values more consistently. We ask ourselves, constantly, how we can better serve the people in our community who need Goodwill. 

From this, a mantra has emerged: focus on the vital — the tasks and initiatives that are crucial to helping people become independent through employment. We can choose to devote our time and resources to many things, but it is by maintaining a clear purpose that we truly serve the community that entrusts so much to our care.  

We see the same focus and discipline in the people who visit our Job Connections or enroll in a program to help them prepare for a new career, or perhaps even a first job. They understand that a job is vital, both for financial security and for personal dignity. We consistently see a level of commitment and perseverance that demonstrates just how desperately they want to be successful. During the 2017/2018 fiscal year, 12,152 people achieved their goal and were able to experience the joy of hearing “You got the job.” 

The stories shared here represent a small percentage of that total, but we hope you will take the opportunity to learn firsthand about these people, their experiences, and their accomplishments. You will quickly understand just how vital a job is in their lives.

As you watch and listen, consider, too, how vital each and every one of you is to Goodwill and our mission. Your support has made a significant contribution in the lives of people you may never meet. On their behalf, and on behalf of Goodwill, we thank you for the opportunity to serve a vital need here in the Upstate and Midlands of South Carolina: helping people build self-sufficiency through the Power of Work.




Chip Hunt

Chair, Board of Directors


Patrick Michaels

President & CEO